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8th January 2022 – Addition to Programme

Barry Thurgood will be leading a meditation session on Saturday 12th February. See the programme page for more details.

20th December 2021 – New Programme for Spring 2022

The new dates are available on the programme page. Monday and Wednesday programmes remain as before. Thursday sessions will be addressing the Six Perfections.

3rd October 2021 – further Zoom sessions

The Thursday evening sessions will be now also be available for Zoom attendees as well as participants in the shrine room. The teaching by Geshe Graham Woodhouse will also be available on Zoom. Please see the programme page for the Zoom link.

26th September 2021 – Saturday Teaching by Geshe Graham Woodhouse on 9th October

Geshe Graham Woodhouse has kindly agreed to teach on confusion and its causes that keep us bound in the cycle of samsara by engaging in unwise actions. More details on the programme here.

6th September 2021 – New Programme for Autumn 2021

The Monday evening guided meditation sessions starts in person, but we will continue online Zoom sessions from the Centre. The Wednesday and Thursday evenings remain for attendees only.

15th July 2021 – Programme Returns to Centre

Following the Government’s announcement on easing lockdown restrictions this week, we are able to open the Centre to continue our evening programme from Monday 19th July. The Monday evening guided meditation sessions will remain online for the final two weeks of the current programme. Wednesday evening silent meditations will restart as the ‘old normal’. The last two Thursday evening introductory sessions will be in the shrine room, but we will try to arrange for the Zoom sessions to continue online from the Centre.
We do not know how long the easing of lockdown will last, so please check back here from time to time.

Last Updated on 8th January 2022

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