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6th September 2021 – New Programme for Autumn 2021

The Monday evening guided meditation sessions starts in person, but we will continue online Zoom sessions from the Centre. The Wednesday and Thursday evenings remain for attendees only.

15th July 2021 – Programme Returns to Centre

Following the Government’s announcement on easing lockdown restrictions this week, we are able to open the Centre to continue our evening programme from Monday 19th July. The Monday evening guided meditation sessions will remain online for the final two weeks of the current programme. Wednesday evening silent meditations will restart as the ‘old normal’. The last two Thursday evening introductory sessions will be in the shrine room, but we will try to arrange for the Zoom sessions to continue online from the Centre.
We do not know how long the easing of lockdown will last, so please check back here from time to time.

21st December 2020 – New Programme for Spring 2021

We begin the new year with Government measures making it impossible to use the Buddhist Centre in any practical way. The Monday and Thursday sessions will continue with our familiar Zoom sessions. The links remain as follows:
Monday meditations:
Thursday discourse and discussion: email
There are more details about Zoom below.

7th September 2020 – New Programme On-Line

With the lock-down still in place and unable to use the Buddhist Centre, we continue this programme with our on-line Zoom sessions. The links are as follows:
Monday meditations:
Thursday discourse and discussion: email
There are more details about Zoom below.

9th July 2020 – Lam Rim Wales offers On-Line Teachings

Starting Sunday 19th July at 6pm, Geshe Graham Woodhouse will be giving a series of teachings via Zoom, organised by Lam Rim Buddhist Centre in Raglan, Wales. See the Other Events page for more details.

22nd June 2020 – Weekend Programme On-Line (partly!)

As well as our evening events, some weekend events on our planned programme have been moved online. New events have also been added.

On Sunday 28th June, between 3pm and 6pm, Geshe Tenzin Namdak will be teaching on Mind and Reality. Attendees need to register beforehand and the Zoom link will be sent at 2:50pm. More details on this event here.

On Saturday 1st August, between 10:30am and 4:30pm, Andy and Shan will be teaching from “A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life – Chapter 6“, moved from our planned programme. More details here.

12th May 2020 – Evening Programme Continues On-Line

Our on-line Zoom sessions are still continuing until we are allowed to re-open the Centre. The links are as follows:
Monday meditations:
Thursday discourse and discussion: email
There are more details about Zoom below.

4th April 2020 – New Programme

Our new programme is available starting Monday 20th April. Given the current lock-down, the status of weekend courses is unclear. The planned dates for weekend courses are provided more in hope than certainty.
As there is a two-week gap over Easter and most of us are unlikely to be going anywhere, we will continue our on-line Zoom sessions for both the Monday meditations and the Thursday discourse and discussion. The latter will continue in a Quaker-like fashion for the two weeks. That is, feel free to offer thoughts, share experiences and ask questions in an informal manner!

25th March 2020 – On-line Meditations!

The Monday evening facilitators have kindly set up an on-line meditation via the conferencing app “Zoom“. Tim has helpfully prepared a short video clip to show how it all works here. The link to join in the meditation session can be obtained by contacting them via the facebook page.
The app is completely free and just requires a straightforward download to install. This can be done before getting the link, or you can install through clicking the link. It works on PC, Android and iPad.
We are now also offering the same facility on the Thursday evening. Please email if you are interested in joining.

23rd March 2020 – Coronavirus update #2

Following today’s unequivocal statement from the Prime Minster, the Lam Rim Bristol Buddhist Centre now has to close until further notice. This means that all events are cancelled. The Centre for Whole Health will also be closing at the end of tomorrow.
Again, the issue is still ongoing, so please check back here for latest updates.

16th March 2020 – Coronavirus update

Following the Government’s advice today, this evening’s (Monday) meditation has been cancelled. This cancellation will continue until further notice.
At the moment, there are no plans to cancel the Wednesday evening silent sitting sessions or the Thursday evening discourse and discussion sessions.
This issue is ongoing, so please check back here for latest updates.

January 2020

We are delighted to welcome Dr Dechen Rochard as a new Trustee of Lam Rim Bristol. Dechen has been a practising Buddhist since 1984 and her knowledge and experience will be of great benefit to the Centre.

Last Updated on 10th September 2021

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