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This is the Lam Rim Bristol ‘download’ page. Here we have copies of the pujas etc that we practice at the Centre and some other useful texts. These are provided courtesy of Dharma Therapy Trust (registered charity no. 290756). Printed copies are available at a nominal charge. All proceeds go to Drepung Loseling Monastery.

The files are in Adobe Acrobat in two paper formats – A4 and FiloFax (6¾” x 3¾”). Both these formats contain text and graphics in a double-sided layout. This allows you to view and print them with free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. The FiloFax format prints on A4 paper in landscape and has marks for cutting and punching. The files are also provided in simple HTML which you can view on screen. This has no graphics and does not have proper formatting but is perhaps most suitable for a quick inspection. If you just want to download the Acrobat files without displaying, just right click the link and select “Save Target As …” or “Save Link As …”.

Tara Puja: Praises and Requests to the 21 TarasHTML
The Sadhana of the Inseparability of the Spiritual Master and ChenreziHTML
Ganden Lha Gye - the Guru Yoga of Lama Tsong KhapaHTML
Lama Chopa SadhanaHTML
Vajrasattva Purification PracticeHTML

The following texts and verses provide additional references that can be kept in the FiloFax with the pujas and other practice:

The Lam Rim PrayerHTML
The Bodhicitta VowHTML
The Eight Verses on Thought TransformationHTML
The Heart SutraHTML

If required, other formats may be made available. Contact Mike Austin on mike@lamrim.org.uk.

Last Updated on 16th January 2020

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